Gopher and Rodent Control

Southern California Gopher Control

Rodent Guys Pest Control specializes in gopher and rodent extermination.  We have safe, pet friendly methods for our gopher control treatments.  Our main methods for gopher control is trapping and carbon monoxide gas.

We perform many rodent control services including:

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Our Services

Gopher Control

Our gopher control and service is comprised of trapping and or carbon monoxide gas treatments.  These methods are safe for your pets and children.

Our gopher traps are placed inside the rodent’s tunnel where it is out of sight.  Traps are placed in areas our technicians know the gopher will travel.  Traps will be allowed to set for anywhere from 2 to 8 days to let the gophers find their way to them.

After removing gophers from the landscape our technicians may use carbon monoxide gas to ensure the infestation is cleared.  The carbon monoxide gas is injected into the tunnels eliminating the oxygen.  The gophers eliminated with this method will remain in the tunnels and no body will be removed.

Our gopher control service comes with a 60-day guarantee from the start of the process.  Call backs are unlimited and of no cost during the guarantee period.

For commercial gopher control we can use other methods as well.  These methods can include gopher bait, Fumitoxin or gopher burrow blasting.

 Mole Extermination

Our mole extermination service comes with a 60-day guarantee from the day we start the service.  Call backs are unlimited and no charge during the guarantee period.

Our mole control service may include trapping, low toxicity poison or carbon monoxide.  Our technician will make the determination of which method to use based on your request, soil conditions, etc.

Ground Squirrels Control

Our ground squirrel control services will use either trapping, carbon monoxide or poison.  We prefer to use trapping and carbon monoxide as our primary control method.  Poison may be used in some situations.  Our technician will discuss the options and come up with a plan for your property.

Rat Removal

Rodent Guys rat removal service can include multiple services.  Our basic rat service is for trapping of the rodents.  We will set traps in areas known to have rats or mice.  We do not use poison for indoor rat control.

Exclusion of the rodents can also be done and is highly recommended.  This process consists of using wire mesh and other materials to close off the entry points being used by rats or other rodents.

The third phase in rat control would be to clean, sanitize and remove and replace attic insulation.  This can be done for any rodent infestation including rats, opossum and raccoon.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal is done with live traps.  Traps are set in areas with raccoon activity.  Trapped raccoon will be removed in accordance with state laws.  We have licensed trappers with Fish and Game.

Opossum Removal

Opossum removal is done with live animals traps.  Bait is placed into the traps to lure the animal in.  Once the opossum has entered the trap it can not get out.  All opossum trapped will be removed with in California state laws.

Skunk Removal

Skunks smelly presence makes all of us want them off our property or out from under our homes.  Our licensed wildlife trappers our trained to deal with these wild animals.  All skunks removed from your property will be done as outlined by the Department of Fish and Game.

Pest Control

Our pest control services can include all the services above along with bug spraying.  Our licensed technicians can rid your property of ants, spiders and other insects.  If you have questions about our services or areas of service please contact us at 909-599-4711.